The themes of the movie Bladerunner.


The movie is about a replicant's quest to avoid death. Roy Batty and his allies are growing old and replicants don't live very long lives to ensure they die before the develop unique emotional responses.

Search for Identity

The main character of the movie, Rick Deckard, eventually comes across a woman that he proves to be a replicant. A sub-plot is then formed about her trying to find meaning in her life. Later in the movie Deckard is revealed to be a replicant and it is implied that he flees the city with the replicant Rachael.


Bladerunner takes place in a bleak future where urban sprawl has covered the planet and the weather mostly consists of rain due to the large coverage of clouds created by gas pumped into the atmosphere. People that haven't left for off-world colonies deal with a crime-filled, murky, and smog-y existence.


Throughout the movie, animals are shown to be all but extinct, and the city covers the whole planet. Most people don't even know what a tortoise is. Synthetic animals are very popular and people often hide the fact that they are synthetic in order to appear rich.