E sports

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What are E sports?

E sports A.K.A competitive gaming is a form of sports where the primary aspects are facilitated through electronic systems. Or if your not that big into words E sports it's were you get payed to play videogames.
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What games are E sports?

this question is actually more complicated than it seems. It depends on how you define sports. If you consider sports something that has a league and is officially recognized by the government than only games like DOTA 2 and league of legends are E sports. If you would consider any (electronic) game that you can get payed to play competitively than a wide variety of games qualify. you consider any electronic game that can be played competitively than practically every game is an E sport! But for this article we'll be going with the second definition.

How can i start?

with most E sports there are a tons of techniques, terms and moves to master before you can start. As an example if you want to play competitive SSBM (super smash bros melee) you'l have to get down techniques like DI, short hop, wave-dashing, fast fall, L-cancel and many more. And its not easy either you have to... Well... ill just let garret explain with the video below
Garrett Plays Competitive Melee


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Seriously though how do i start?

so if SHFFLing and frame perfect inputs aren't for you then don't worry! SSBM isnt the only E sport out there. You can try out your luck with Starcraft 2. Starcraft 2 is somewhat like a board game almost. You tell your troops whether to attack or collect resources, simple as that. BUT, in competitive, you might have to speed up your actions a bit... ok you got me more than a bit... a lot more than a bit... WAY more than a bit.
First Person of Sound - Fast APM style (showing monitor, mouse and keyboard) - Proper Upload


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HAHA SO FUNNY please though how do i ACTUALLY start?

Well if your not a god with your fingers or a master of timing then there is still one option for you! SSBM, the game from before is not only known for its ridiculous advanced techniques but also its loud and ecstatic crowds. Just listen to this... is what i would say if i could find a recording on sound cloud of the loud crowds BUT after tons and tons of searching i simply cant find anything, BUT i do know how to transfer audio to a smore article. I just cant find anything on sound cloud related to my topic. to prove that i know how to transfer sound cloud audio to a smore article heres a recording of a cat meowing, or, whatever that noise is


Cat meowing by BuzzFeed

To make up for it...

here's a video that plays the audio i would have wanted from sound cloud but couldn't find.
Wombo Combo!!!! [Censored]


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