By: Emily Adams and Christina Crawford


Sacagawea, the daughter of the Shoshone chief, was born in 1788. When she was 12 years old, and died in 1812. She was kidnapped by the tribes enemy and was sold to a French Canadian fur trapper and he made her his wife.

In 1804, Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark on the expedition to the Pacific Ocean. Sacagawea was pregnant and still managed to help them on their long journey. Their was harsh weather, long storms, and blizzards. Sacagawea had her baby boy during the trip and after that, a few years later, Sacagawea had her second baby which was a girl. Sacagawea died at Fort Manuel.


Sacagawea was the only women out of 32 men She was part of the main part of April 7, 1804 to August 14, 1806. Her main purpose for her to be their is so that she can translate what some of the people are saying so that they know where to go. Sacagawea's husband was paid land and money, while on the other hand she was paid nothing.

The reason why Sacagawea came along was so that Lewis and Clark could for-fill their destiny. That is why she went with them. She also went with them because her husband went,but Lewis and Clark couldn't understand him.


Sacagawea lived in the Eastern part of the Salmon River. Sacagawea had a different name in her village and it was Boinaiv. When she got kidnapped, the tribe called her by Sacagawea. They had a few issues by naming her but it came through.
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