School Bullying

By: Aniston, Antonio, Alex, Gerid, Thomas

Facts about bullying

30% of students in grades 6-10 are bullies or victims of bullying

15% of all absenteeism is caused by the fear of being bullied

71% of students report incidents of bullying as being a problem at their school

What is bullying ??

Bullying can be ....

name-calling, teasing, or verbal abuse

spreading rumors and purposefully excluding people

hitting or shoving

using the internet and online communication devices to cause harm to others

Differences between harassment and bullying

Harassment : used to intimidate or cause fear

Bullying : intentional act that causes harm to others

Research questions

1. Current news on bullying state that kids who are bullied are more likely to use drugs, skip school, and have poor grades

2. A bill against digital harassment has been passed by U.S. house of representatives

3. The word bullying must be used, the law must clearly be an anti-bullying law, and must include definitions of bullying and harassment to be an effective anti-bullying law

4. Schools have programs and information videos to inform and bring awareness to bullying

5. Courts have passed laws to help prevent bullying

What we can do

Schools are required to address bullying

Schools can move the bully to another classroom or campus within district

Schools must have intervention and prevention programs

Bill against digital harassment passed by U.S. house of representatives