The eyes

The structure, how they work and solving some eye problems.


Have you ever thought about how the eye works? its structure? or have you ever worried about some common eye problems? I have and I was very interested in the human eyes. So, I did a bit of research about it!

The structure of eyes

There are 8 main parts in the eye which are the Cornea,Iris,Macula,Optic Nerve,Pupil,Retina and Vitreous. As there is a picture which shows you each parts of the eye in detail.

How does the eye work?

Light enters the eye through a small round opening called the Pupil. This is the black dot in the middle of your eye. Surrounding the pupil is a circle of muscle known as the Iris. Colored chemicals in the iris give it various shades of brown, blue, or green.It is able to change the size of Pupil to control the amount of light that passes into the eyeball.

Just behind the pupil is the lens. It is flexible like rubber and small about the size of your little fingernail. When the light falls on the lens,it creates an image and reaches at the back of the eye called the retina.

When it reaches the retina, the image that our eyes see is actually upside down because the images that we see are made up of light reflected. Then, why don't we see the image upside down? That's because our eyes send it to the brain through the optic nerve and the brain turns the picture the right way up and tells you what you are looking at.

A Journey Through the Human Eye: How We See

Solving eye problems

1.Presbyopia-hard to see letters and things closely when you get older.

Solution-nothing we can do to prevent it.

2.Allergic conjunctivitis-seasonal Allergy,your eyes get redder and you feel itchiness.

Solution-You should keep your house clean because it is mainly caused by dusts.


It helped me to learn more about the eye and I realized that eyes and one of the most important part in our body. I also thought that I must keep my eyes healthy. Thank you!