The Diary of a Healthy Kid

learning activities to promote the health of children

Term 3 off to a GREAT start!

Well so far our unit of work on healthy lifestyle, 'The Diary of a Healthy Kid' has gotten off to a fantastic start with the students participating in relay activities, learning all about healthy eating and nutrition, searching for healthy recipes to make in class, and taste testing scrumptious banana smoothies made from all healthy ingredients!

I have been so impressed with the effort some students have been putting into their 'Health Journals', and am so excited to see what other examples of healthy lifestyle the children will be adding to their collections over the following weeks.

Special mention to Kai, whose brilliant work in his health journal this week has earned him three stickers!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events include:

- Walking excursion to Woolworths at Cardiff on Tuesday August 6th, 2013. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the students to learn a little more about exactly what happens in the fresh fruit & vege section of their local store, and we might get to have a taste test of some of the fresh produce. Students will also be shown the advertising space located at the front of the store where their online flyers/posters will be displayed for all of their local community to see!

- PIZZA PIZZA! Students are going to be creating their very own healthy pizza recipes and cooking them in class. Over the next week we will be talking about the kinds of healthy alternatives we can use in our pizza recipes to make sure they are as delicious and nutritious as can be.

-Veggie of the Week is beginning in week Four! (from Monday 5th August). I cannot wait to hear about what the students have been doing to answer their topic focus area questions about the weekly vegetable. A reminder that week Four's vegetable is the Amazing 'Asparagus' - let's see what interesting facts, recipes and nutrition tips the students find out about this friendly green.

Join in on our journey...

As part of an integrated unit of work on nutrition and promoting an active lifestyle, your children will be bringing home some interesting tasks to share with you. Please feel free to offer any suggestions, share some healthy recipes, or give some tips about ways to be active with your family.

What will your children be doing?

The children will be engaging in a range of activities to promote their understanding of the importance of having a balanced diet, and to do this we will be looking closely at the Australian Dietary Guidelines. We will also be looking at ways that we can increase our physical activity levels on a daily basis, while keeping things fun and simple. Can you think of any great ways of keeping fit while having fun?

Spread the word!

All of this knowledge and understanding will culminate in the students creating their very own public health campaign to raise awareness of the importance of these issues among the community. Students will design and launch their very own advertising campaign, using multimedia and interactive tools - such as this online brochure! Kids - start looking at health-promotion advertisements and campaigns to get a feel for how they are presented. You never know, you might get some cool ideas of your own that we can work with:)

Share and Connect!

Your ideas and input into your children's learning are highly valuable, so please feel free to share them with the class community. Most importantly, it would be great if the sharing of ideas took priority during this study, as that is how we all learn best! See the form below for the sharing of healthy recipes and food tips, as well as links for any interesting websites, apps and educational games relevant to the topic. I will be including featured recipes each week in the Healthy Food Gallery and would love to have some of yours included!
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