Weekly Warrior

Volume 14 Issue 13 February 4, 2019

Important Dates

Feb 5th-KOSSA/Industry Certification Testing Begins 1st/2nd Block

Feb 6th-KOSSA/Industry Certification Testing 1st/2nd Block

Feb 7th-KOSSA/Industry Certification Testing 1st/2nd Block

Feb 13th-Faculty Meeting

Feb 14th-Final Exams for T2 1st/3rd/5th Blocks-Turn in Copies of Final Exams to Evaluating Principal

Feb 15th-Final Exams for T2 2nd/4th Blocks--Turn in Copies of Final Exams to Evaluating Principal

Feb 15th-Clubs 8:20 - 8:40 Students Without a Club Remain in 1st Block

Feb 18th-Growth Day

Feb 20th-PLC Meetings

Feb 27th-Department Meetings

Mar 12th-Statewide ACT Testing Date

Mar 20th-Faculty Meeting

Mar 29th-Growth Day

Apr 1st-5th-Spring Break

Big picture

Professional Development (24 Hours Required)

Each year, we are required to complete 24 hours of professional development. While many teachers have completed all 24 hours, there are some that still need a few. These hours need to be completed outside of the regular school day, growth day, or iLearnPulaski day. Some options for getting those remaining hours completed are listed below:

District Offerings--Our district plans to offer some additional pd opportunities which can be found looking at the PD Calendar on the district website. While there isn't anything scheduled yet, there are plans to schedule some spring offerings.

PBS Learning Media

This site is the same location we use to complete our PBIS modules, but there are also a few other topics that might be of interest when it comes to PD. Most, if not all, courses are free and once you have completed something, you will be able to print a certificate and turn that into Shaun for PD credit.


This site has a list of free edWebinars that are offered in various categories.

TeachingChannel (Tch)

Create a free membership and receive access to videos that introduce you to some of the newest classroom strategies.


This site helps teachers learn how to flip their classrooms and track student progress as well as some free pd.


Offering a series of workshops for professional learning called OK2Ask, you can watch live or archived sessions from a variety of choices.


This site has an extensive archive of webinars that serve as excellent pd opportunities.

If any of these sites don't offer certificates at the end of the session/webinar, just document the date/time/name of content and get with Michelle Sadler to complete a record of hours completed which you can then turn into Shaun for credit.

Gradebook Entry for Non-Traditional Instruction Days

This past week our students were out for non-traditional instruction, or iLearnPulaski days. Once you collect these assignments, there is a specific way they need to be entered into Infinite Campus in order for them to pull correctly at the district level. Follow the instructions below to enter these into IC:

iLearnPulaski Day 1--enter into IC as iLearn1 with an assigned and due date of 1/29/19

iLearnPulaski Day 2--enter into IC as iLearn2 with an assigned and due date of 1/30/19

iLearnPulaski Day 3--enter into IC as iLearn3 with an assigned and due date of 1/31/19

Please note that the i is lowercase while the L is capitalized and there are no spaces in the name of the assignment. The dates need to match the date of the actual iLearn day, and the abbreviation of the assignment doesn't have a specific name. It would be easy to abbreviate the assignments using iL1, iL2, etc., but is not required.


Clubs will be held on Friday, February 15th from 8:20 - 8:40. Students without a club need to remain in 1st block.

KOSSA/EOP & Industry Certification Testing

Kentucky Occupational Skills Standards Assessment (KOSSA) now called End of Program Assessments begins on Tuesday, February 5th and will utilize labs 109, 224, and 236 during 1st and 2nd blocks. There will be some type of testing daily in these labs through Friday, February 8th. Make-up testing will run through February 15th.

If you are scheduled to use any of these computer labs during this time, please make adjustments during 1st and 2nd block.

Mental Health-Required Training--Updated

There has been an additional training date added for our February 18th Growth Day. If you haven't received this training yet-email Lori Price to register.

Mental Health First Aid training will be held on iLearnPulaski days. This training is required for all staff and held from 8:30 - 3:00 at Southern Middle School in the library. An email about this was sent from Ms. Ellis with an attachment listing faculty/staff that have been trained. If your name was not on that list, you need to register for training. Email Lori Price to get your spot reserved and list which iLearn day for which you wish to register.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.