Pony Tracks

November 6-10


ERPD is this Thursday, November 9th. We will keep K-2 and 3-5 staff together, the grouping will be sent out later this week. I am excited to see the ideas shared from each group.

ERPD schedule:

12:00: Dismissal

1:15-1:45 Session 1

1:50-2:20 Session 2

2:25-2:55 Session 3

3:00-3:30 Session 4

The sessions will be:

Number Talks with Dr. Middelton

Autism in the gen-ed classroom with Miss. Steffen

Literacy Quick Shot with Mrs. Starling

Catch Your Breath with Dani Marshburn of Infinite Yoga and Wellness

More information to locations of the sessions and the rotation will come via email by Wednesday.

Please plan to dress comfortably on Thursday.

Please also remember that this ERPD's lunch is on-your-own.

If you or your grade would like to order out, please make those arrangements and be at the front desk to get your food when it arrives. Enjoy

Fun Run- Tuesday November 7th

  • The top 5 classes will earn $200 for each of their rooms, and a pizza/ice cream party for their classes.

  • The top pledging class at each grade will earn an ice cream party.

  • Please remember that all teachers should be out at the Fun Run to support our students as they run.

  • Encore teachers will be picking up the kindergarten students outside after the run is over.


I truly believe that this week is going to be a great week!

However, if behaviors are on the rise please remember to document those in ABE and I will handle those as they come in. If it is necessary we may need to use TAs to help run ISS. I hope that this is not the case, but I want everyone to be aware and so that there are no surprises.

It is going to be a wonderful week and we will continue to celebrate all of the wonderful things that our staff and students are doing.

Important Dates:

November 3-13: Castle gone

November 6-9: Snyder, Oliver, Ashley at NCCAT

November 9: ERPD

November 10: Holiday

November 7: FUN RUN for ALL!!

November 8: 2nd and 3rd grade Field Trips

November 14: Principal's Meeting, CiCi Pizza Night

November 15th: Digital Leaders Cohort, Castle gone,

Committee meetings

November 16: 5th Grade Field Trip

November 22-26: Thanksgiving

November 30: Principal's Meeting

December 4-8: WAVE WEEK

Thank you!

To all of our staff members who are Veterans, thank you so much for your service to our country and your continued service to our students. You all are amazing!

Have an amazing week!