Forensic Science Update

Check it out!

What have we been learning?

We have been learning lots of new things such as how Forensic Chemists contribute to the Forensic Science process, how insects can help investigators estimate the time of death and how microscopes assist in analyzing various pieces of evidence. We have also had quite a few interesting labs involving Thin Layer Chromatography, Spectroscopy, and Entomology. If you dare, ask us to name a few "Insects of Death" and when they appear on a corpse!

Assignments, Schedules and Grades, Oh my!

Make sure that you are checking your course schedules daily for the assignments that are due! We have due date deadlines every other Friday, but many students are turning in work late and losing points! You can always work ahead and turn assignments in early, but you will lose points if you turn in assignments after our due date deadlines. As outlined in our GAVS late policy, you may turn in assignments late through the following Friday after a due date deadline. After that date, the assignment may no longer be turned in for credit. Grades are updated frequently, so make sure that you are checking your grade often! As always, email me with any questions or concerns!