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Now Accepting Applications for Tulsa MET JH & HS for the 2019-2020 School Year!

Applications are now being accepted for students going into grades 7-12 beginning August, 2019.

Students MUST be enrolled in Tulsa Public Schools before applying to Tulsa MET JH and/or HS.

Click <HERE> to enroll in Tulsa Public Schools.

Tulsa MET JH & HS Application for School Year 2019-2020

Guidelines for Sending School Personnel

It will expedite the application and interview process if the sending school would send the Grad Check-Full Report (HS students) in a PDF from the https://www.tulsaschoolsdata.org/ platform or an E-Cum Report (JH students) in a PDF from PowerSchool.

Additionally, it helps for us to properly know how to support our incoming students/families when we have the following PowerSchool documents: Current Attendance, Demographics, Log Entries, and Quick Look-up.

These forms should be sent to Valarie Farrow or Kari Garman once the application is complete.

Thank you for supporting our students!

Who is Right for Tulsa MET JH & HS?

-Students who have not been successful in virtual schools.

-Students who want to accelerate graduation

-Students who need to recover credits

-Students who may be anxious in a traditional school environment.

-Students not experiencing success in traditional schools

-Students who feel bullied or unsafe in traditional schools

-Students who have been home-schooled or been in small school settings

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About Tulsa MET JH & HS

Since 2008, Tulsa MET JH & HS has provided a solid foundation of Relationships, Relevance, and Rigor to the students who have walked our hallways. Originally Tulsa MET was founded as a "Big Picture Learning School" and many of the best practices are still used by our experienced faculty.

Each student is assigned an advisor (teacher) who they see on a daily basis. The advisor (and all adults in the building) develop lasting relationships with each of the students in their advisory. From developing the relationships, our faculty is able to connect with each student (due to a small student-teacher ratio) and ensure that students develop relevant and attainable goals for their present learning, as well as their future careers. Tulsa MET faculty hold our students to high expectations and rigorous academic standards. Focusing on summative assessments is replaced at Tulsa MET by formative assessment of student competency in all coursework.

Tulsa MET JH & HS Information:

  • Upon completion of your application, you (student and parent/guardian) will be required to participate in an interview with Tulsa MET faculty and staff (Interview will be scheduled by Tulsa MET staff)
  • Breakfast is served beginning at 8:15 am
  • First period begins promptly at 8:45 am
  • Junior High lunch is from 11:30 am-12:00 pm (Closed Campus)
  • High School lunch is from 12:00 pm-12:30 pm (Closed Campus)
  • School releases at 3:20 pm.
  • Tulsa MET has buses that hub into Booker T. Washington High School in the morning One bus brings students from BTW to Tulsa MET. This process is reversed in the afternoon
  • Tulsa MET HS students can participate in Tulsa Tech courses and concurrent enrollment through Tulsa Community College by meeting appropriate criteria
  • Tulsa MET HS students currently use the Summit Platform for core courses.
  • Tulsa MET JH & HS is a 1-1 school, where each student is checked out a chromebook for use during school.
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Career Connections

Tulsa MET Junior High students begin researching their career interests and passions through exploration in career interest inventories. Our seventh and eighth grade students utilize our developing STEM Lab and Youth Entrepreneurship opportunities to remain curious about learning through building and creating artifacts for classes and Exhibitions.

Tulsa MET High School students begin turning their focus towards internships in their freshman and sophomore years. Freshmen and sophomores have the opportunity to participate in small scale internships through our collaboration with Hamilton Elementary School, working in our Bike Shop, or setting up shadow days through their advisor (teacher). These opportunities provide our mid-level students the ability to develop soft skills, light mechanical/technical skills, as well as determining if their interests and passions are aligned with their career goals.

In their junior and senior years, Tulsa MET students participate in our vast internship program centered on their interests and passions. Juniors and seniors attend their internships two days per week throughout the school year. The internships provide relevant and real-world experiences to our students. Many of the internships develop into paid summer employment and/or job opportunities upon graduation from Tulsa MET.

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Myths About Tulsa MET JH & HS

  • Tulsa MET JH & HS is for “troubled kids”. Tulsa MET offers a learning environment that is smaller and based on Relationships, Relevance, and Rigor. We have many students who are gifted and yet unsuccessful in traditional schools.
  • Tulsa MET students do not get socialization. Tulsa MET students participate in weekly clubs, a school-wide prom, Night at the Museum, and assemblies. Tulsa MET students may participate in their homeschools’ extracurricular activities.
  • Tulsa MET students will be bored working online all the time. Tulsa MET will continue to offer more experiential, hands-on, project based instruction, and collaboration opportunities for our students.
  • It is easier than regular school. Although the class sizes are smaller, being successful on a digital platform (Tulsa MET HS; Summit, Edgenuity) or in an alternative school setting takes drive, motivation, and a tremendous amount of family monitoring and support.

Our students are free to be who they want to be incorporating a free-thinking, goal-oriented environment!

  • There are numerous partnerships to choose from; each child enrolled will be responsible for completing their standard subject area content and additional projects which include; autobiographies, community service projects and an LTI (Learning Through Internship).
  • Each student will sign a Senior Contract so that they maintain ownership and responsibility of their own learning for each graduating class.
  • Exhibitions allow our students to grow exponentially through presenting their subjects orally for each subject/class in lieu of Exams every nine weeks. This proves to be successful for the student so that they may express understanding visually as well as vocally through a presentation in their classes.


...different career paths through specifically designed service learning projects and shadow days with members of the community. Our students are engaged in "real-world" learning projects to discover the connection between junior high and real life!

Tulsa MET Mission

The mission of the Tulsa Met JH & HS is to sustain a thriving collaborative learning community which provides equitable learning opportunities for all students.

Contact us:

Valarie Farrow, Principal: farrova@tulsaschools.org

Kari Garman, Assistant Principal: garmaka@tulsaschools.org

Mariah Zirkle, Secretary/Attendance: zirklma@tulsaschools.org

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