Tulsa MET JH & HS

Relationships: It's Who We Are. It's What We Do!

Tulsa MET JH & HS 2021-2022

Since 2008, Tulsa MET JH & HS has provided a solid foundation of Relationships, Relevance, and Rigor to the students who have walked our hallways. Originally Tulsa MET was founded as a "Big Picture Learning School" and many of the best practices are still used by our experienced faculty.

Each student is assigned an advisor (teacher) who they see on a daily basis. The advisor (and all adults in the building) develop lasting relationships with each of the students in their advisory. From developing the relationships, our faculty is able to connect with each student (due to a small student-teacher ratio) and ensure that students develop relevant and attainable goals for their present learning, as well as their future careers. Tulsa MET faculty hold our students to high expectations and rigorous academic standards. Focusing on summative assessments is replaced at Tulsa MET by formative assessment of student competency in all coursework.


Students MUST currently be enrolled in and attending their home school.

Tulsa MET Intake Process

  • All students must complete an application
  • All students applications will be reviewed by a committee
  • Student and parent will be contacted to set up an interview (20-30 minutes)
  • Student and parent must attend the interview
  • All interviews will be online until further notice

A Tulsa MET Student...

  • Students who may be anxious in a traditional school environment

  • Students who have experienced little success in traditional schools

  • Students who feel bullied or unsafe in traditional schools

  • Students who have been home-schooled or been in small school settings

  • Students who have previously been enrolled in virtual schools

  • Students who want to accelerate graduation

  • Students who need to recover credits (no more than one year of credits)

MYTHS About Tulsa MET JH & HS

  • MYTH: Tulsa MET JH & HS is for “troubled kids”.

    • Tulsa MET offers a learning environment that is smaller and based on Relationships, Relevance, and Rigor.

    • We have many students who are gifted and yet unsuccessful in traditional schools.

  • MYTH: Tulsa MET students do not get socialization.

    • Tulsa MET students participate in weekly clubs, a school-wide prom, Night at the Museum, and assemblies.

    • Tulsa MET students may participate in their home schools' extracurricular activities.

  • MYTH: It is easier than regular school.

    • Although the class sizes are smaller, being successful in an alternative school setting takes drive, motivation, and a tremendous amount of family monitoring and support

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Tulsa MET Mission

The mission of the Tulsa Met JH & HS is to sustain a thriving collaborative learning community which provides equitable learning opportunities for all students.

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