Habitats That Snakes Live In

By Joseph Sylvester


What I learned when I was doing this project was, that snakes can sleep all year long or when it is hot or cold. And when they sleep they sleep under a rock, cave, or holes in the ground. They get the holes by digging burrows in the ground. In summer snakes stay in the shade under a tree or a bush. In the winter time snakes dig burrows in the ground to keep cool but not freezing. That is what I learned during my research in this project.


My connection is people adapt to there environment by, kids have to adapt to there classroom by meeting new friends that will help them through the school year. Just like snakes and how they adapt to there holes or tunnels in the woods or deserts by sleeping there for a long long time. That is my connection between people and snakes.


Burrows means, a hole that a animal can dig into, or a tunnel.
The snake quickly made a burrow under the tree trunk.


Environment means, a habitat for any kind of animal.
The snakes environments is in all continents except Antarctica.


Adapt means, makes something right or appropriate for a person or animal.
Burrowing Sand Viper