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October 14, 2016


A new homework packet is coming home in your child's Dragon Folder today.

Remember, their 5 individualized spelling words are handwritten in on the front cover of their packet. They should study these words for their spelling test next Friday. There are additional spelling pattern words to practice inside their packet and updated on Spelling City.

I have included a two-sided page to keep at home or in your child's folder with a new spelling activity choice board and writing ideas for October.

Field Trip:

We will be taking a field trip to Smith Family Farms in Brentwood on Thursday October 27th. There is a letter with all the details as well as a permission slip coming home with your child today in their folder. Please make sure to complete, sign, and return the permission slip by next Friday October 21st. We do need drivers for this field trip. If you would like to drive on this field trip please indicate this on your child's permission slip. Please make sure that you have completed a field trip driver packet and have all your required paperwork on file with the front office. Any forms or information regarding this can be obtained from Jessica in the main office. All drivers must be cleared volunteers. Thank you!

What We're Learning in 9-103:

Thematic Unit: We wrapped up Apples in September and have begun a fun and exciting Bat Unit. We are extending our study of bats across all subjects in reading, math, writing, art, and science. Earlier this week, we read the fictional story Stellaluna about a baby bat who is separated from her mother and lives with a bird family. We used it to practice sequencing parts of a story and also to discuss the differences and similarities between bats and birds. Some students were very surprised to learn that bats are mammals and not birds!

This week we also did a drawing lesson and learned how to draw a bat. We extended our art project to learn about parts of a bat and labeled our drawings. We shared our schema (background knowledge) of bats and made a list of all the information we'd love to explore and find answers to throughout our bat unit. We are excited to learn new vocabulary about bats in the coming week, learn about all the various kinds of bats, and more!

Language Arts: It's all about nouns right now! We are practicing identifying nouns within sentences as well as classifying nouns are people, places, and things.

Reading: We are taking our Star Reading tests on the computer to determine our Accelerated Reading reading levels. This is helpful in picking out books from our school library. We also are continuing to work on picking just-right books and developing our stamina for reading independently.

Phonics: We are continuing to work on our letter sounds, blending and segmenting sounds, as well as beginning some work with blends and digraphs. We are working on using our phonics knowledge to help us spell and read new words that we encounter in our writing and our reading.

Math: We are still working hard on addition strategies as well as number sense/place value. We learned all about our doubles facts and have continued working on the strategies of counting on, using a number line, flip flop facts, and adding zero. Our goal is to be fluent with our addition facts up to 20.

Helpful Websites/Apps:

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More Math Apps/Websites:


Sushi Monster

Splash Math

Math Bingo

Math Ninja

Motion Math: Hungry Fish

A Math Regrouping App: Addition and Subtraction




Xtramath.org (flyers with student log-ins came home a while back, if you need your student's information re-sent, please e-mail me!)


Mrs. Sarich