Cabeza de Vaca

By Redd Sagers

Cabeza de Vaca Essay

Have you ever heard of the famous explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca? Not many people have. Cabeza endured many extreme dangers and challenges. Cabeza had to cross the Rio Grande three times and he didn’t even know how to swim! When he walked along the coast, mosquitoes attacked him and clogged his lungs. Another danger Cabeza faced was the armed strangers. One night, Cabeza de Vaca was trying to make a fire with his precious flint. Six strangers came and demanded his flint. As you can see, Cabeza endured many dangers. How did Cabeza de Vaca manage to survive on his treacherous journey? Cabeza survived because he had great respect for Native Americans, he was a successful healer, and he had many wilderness survival skills.

Without a doubt, Cabeza had a lot of respect for the Native Americans. The Head of Cow survived so many dangerous challenges because he had respect for the Indians. The Indians protected him (and helped him find a Spainard settlement) due to his respect, which helped him survive. Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca was a great healer and helped the sick. The Spanish Conquistador learned six different languages and he communicated messages to other tribes. [Doc B] He befriend the Natives by trading for them. [Doc B] He gained trust in them so he could escape. Cabeza cared for the Indians and was mad that the Spanish people were enslaving his friends. [Doc B] Since Cabeza showed respect for them, they helped him find a Spanish settlement. In conclusion, I hope you can see why Head of Cow had respect for the Natives.
Wouldn't you agree that Cabeza's wilderness skills helped him survive? The Spanish Conquistador managed to tough it out from 1527-1536 because he had wilderness skills. When ran out of water, he used hollowed out horse legs to store water. [Doc B] Head of Cow ate whatever he could find. Cabeza went all the away around the Sierra Madre Mountains to find a Spanish settlement.[Doc B] The shipwrecked survivor crossed the Rio Grande 3 times!! [Background Essay] Cabeza also built rafts to sail from Tampa Bay, FL, to Galveston Island, TX. [Doc A] Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca learned many different languages to communicate. All these precious skills helped him survive in the wilderness. All in all, Cabeza's wilderness skills truly helped him throughout his trek.
You'll soon discover why Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca was such a successful healer. Cabeza performed a operation on an Indian in which he removed an arrowhead embedded above his heart. [Doc C] Due to this successful operation, the Head of Cow earned a reputation as a healer throughout the land. The Indians treated him like he was a God. [Doc C] It became easier for this adventurer to escape because the Indians trusted him and looked up to him. The shipwrecked survivor endured because the Indians helped him find a Spanish outpost. This happened because of his success. All in all, Cabeza was a great and successful healer.
It's incredible to think that Cabeza managed to subsist through all the challenges from 1527-1536. Certainly, he must of had plenty of luck. There were so many ways he could die. He could've gotten lost on his ocean voyage or killed by the Indians or even frozen to death. How did the pioneer manage to withstand all his hardships from 1527-1536? The Head of Cow persevered through his challenges because he was a medicine man, he could survive in the wilderness, and he was a friend to the Indians.
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The Big Question: How did CAbeza de Vaca survive?

Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca