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October 21, 2022

Good afternoon DCS!

It is hard to believe we are heading into the last week of October. There is a lot of information regarding future dates tied to things happening during the next month in this newsletter so please read through it.

It is important that you send in a gold slip noting any changes of dismissal. The teacher sees the gold slip and notes the change. Then the office takes the gold slip and notes the change. This system works well and is important because emails to Ms. Gina may not be seen if the email goes to spam or if she is out sick. There are times you have a last minute changes, so please CALL the main office rather than emailing Ms. Gina. If you do email Ms. Gina, please CC the teacher.

The DCS staff did a nice job to ensure all of our students were safe during today's lockdown. Many of the kids thought it was just a drill if they mention it at home. Thank you!


Please keep up with information regarding the school buildings project, which directly impacts improving DCS. Check out the, specifically the 8/25/22 link webpage. Also, you can review the stage 2 application here. Check out the flyer here. It is question #4 on the ballot.


This month, our schoolwide theme is skills for learning: listening, focusing attention, using self-talk to stay on-task, and being assertive when asking for help with a learning task. In our morning announcements and school assembly, we’ll be reminding students of these skills, which help students be successful learners.


Other Standard Reminders:

Check out the WPS digital backpack!

Please send your child to school each day with a refillable water bottle so they may access our water filling stations.

Please do not send cupcakes and other nonhealthy treats for birthday celebrations. This is per policy.

Remember to go directly to your child's teacher for any questions, concerns, positive feedback, or for information about the school day.


We will be using #dcsanchors all over social media. Look for it on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Morrone, Proud Principal of DCS!

The DCS Vision

Vison: All students will make a year or more growth in all curriculum areas.

My story for behind the vision:

My vision for all students fosters taking on each individual child at their “entry point” and growing them in the areas of math, reading, and writing. We are here for 100% of our students and I am confident we all want this for each of our students.

While sitting in countless meetings, visiting the classrooms, and talking to students, we have the capacity to better understand our students’ needs to support their growth and development academically and emotionally.

Our staff will work tirelessly and together to ensure success. Success can be defined for each child differently.

Given all of this we can make progress towards the vision!

We also can be a five star school and a national blue ribbon school if we all stay focused and keep the vision alive! This is my goal and I hope it is the goal each of you believe in because that is my purpose and your purpose!

Attendance Information

Attendance Update

The realistic goal is to have less than 5% chronically absent, but ultimately 0%. Chronically absent is defined as being out 10% of the days in school. This data impacts our STAR rating. Once a student is out at 10% of the year to date then the school team including attendance officer will be contacting you per WPS school committee policy. Currently, 10% of DCS is consider chronically absent. We are ranked #19 in the state!

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Dunn's Corners School | Oct 13, 2022
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Greeting in Spanish

Check out the clip of Maya and Connor practicing their Spanish.

Math Activites for Home

Click here to learn how to play and play with your children. The students love them in school.

Improve Oral Reading Fluency at Home

Click here!

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Below are some resources you or someone you know may need. If you are in need of additional resources, please feel free to reach out to the school Social Worker, Oriana DeCelles at odecelles@westerly.k12.ri.us

HealthSource RI: Information about health insurance plans, including RIte Care.



Rhode Island Legal Services: RILS is the State's major law firm for low-income people with civil legal problems.



TeethFirst!: Information and resources about children's oral health.



The BOKS Burst Weekly Activities, found in the October Fitness Calendar, are meant to get you and your kids up and moving throughout the day. Studies show that daily movement breaks increase focus, improve mood, and have many added health benefits. Let's all get moving this week with the below bursts!

Please click here to see the October Fitness Calendar. If you click an activity on the calendar, it will bring you to a YouTube video explaining the activity.