song dynasty (960-1279 CE)

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The Song dynasty had many economics. Some of the economics are ship building, trading, and farming. They traded with lots of northern neighbors. One of the traders they traded with was Mongolia. Also, they traded with Africa. Many west Asian and central Asian Muslims went to China to trade. Sea trade with Islamic worlds and east African worlds.

One way that the trade grew was that they had moveable print. Also, the Song dynasty had a Chinese opera, the art of paper cutting and many more. This time period was called China's age of invention.

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This is a picture of a guy in the song dynasty who is growing crops and farming. All of this food this guy in the song dynasty is planting, he can sell it witch then leads to he can make money and buy plenty of tools and machines to help the land.


They believed that China should be run by a well trained government. In order to be in the government, you have to pass a civil service exam. No more Tangs because they only put people in the government if those people were wealthy.

Some rulers that ruled in this dynasty were Song Taizu and Song Weiwang. Song Taizu was formally the leading general of the letter Zhou. The usurped the throan and founded the song dynasty by launching a caup.

On the other hand, Song Weiwang, younger brother of Duangzong, died at eight. Chancellor Lu Xiu carried him jumping into the sea after the Yuan armies invasion.

Although the dynasty did not last, the Song dynasty were forced to make huge payments to the Khitans to keep them from invading China. The entire dynasty was defeated by northern invaders from Mongolia in 1279 AD.

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Wei wang was the youger brother of DuanZong and died at the age of 8 chancellor Lu Xiu carried him jumping into the sea after the Yuan army's invasion.

Inventions/ Technology/ Science and Agriculture

Some of the inventions were typograph and compass. Also, gun powder developed rapidly. Lots of people wrote books and poetry and created copper coins to use as money.
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This a picture of the gunpowder that was used in the song dynasty. This gunpowder was used for many different wars like the southern song dynasty war!

REligion/ Cutlture/ Social Life

Northern Song dynasty and Kaifends and some have intermarriage with the Jews, and adopted their religion. Neo Confucianism also is a combination of Confucianism Buddhist and dacoits. They ate many vegetables, rice and noodles.
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During the song dynasty era the religion of Daoism and Buddhism became less popular among the ruling class than the previous eras.