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Periscope & Twitter

Periscope, a companion to Twitter is booming right now. If you are unfamiliar with Periscope, users are able to live-stream video. You can join someone's Periscope---watching what they are doing at that moment. these videos remain available for just 24 hours. During the live video feed, you may comment, ask questions, and give 'hearts.' However, if the user choose, the videos may be archived on a site such as

What does this have to do with education? Teachers everywhere are sharing what they are doing in their classrooms. Essentially, it's PD available 24/7. Of course, I'm drawn to teachers sharing technology PD-examples from their classrooms. I love that I can spend 10 minutes, and come away with something I can apply in a classroom.

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Two Great Google Calendars for the Classroom

he Google Calendar is a great tool for both teachers and students and certainly helps to keep me organized. However, it’s somewhat lacking in a few of the educational features that the old-fashioned lesson plan template or student planner book had.

Now there’s TeacherCal and EddyCal to the rescue. TeacherCal is a teacher planning calendar for Google Apps. And EddyCal is a similar calendar for students that can be populated automatically by TeacherCal. Both calendars are free.

The teacher signs up with either his/her Google account or an email address. Then he can begin to populate the calendar with assignments and test dates. The teacher gives course follow codes to the students, who then register for EddyCal, again with their Google account or an email address. They enter the course codes and course plans and messages are populated in one place.

Training videos and tutorials are available, but they’re not really needed as both calendars are so simple to use.

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Apple Updates

Apple: Handoff – Ever pull up a website on an iPad that you would like to finish reading or using on your Mac? With Apple’s handoff feature, you can now easily pick up where you left off on any connected Apple device.

  1. iPad: Picture in Picture Mode – Multitask much? Millennials (and busy educators) are noted for splitting attention between music, movies, and work. Instead of using another device to watch your favorite shows or educational media, use the new PiP in iOS 9.
  2. iPad: Low Power Mode – Turn this feature on in Settings–Battery and it will ask you at 20% and again at 10% if you want to go into Low Power Mode to conserve battery life. Say “yes” and mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects will be reduced or disabled. But everything else will still work fine.
  3. iPad: Sharing Content in Notes – The ability to embed websites, maps, and photos in a to-do list in Notes is wonderful. The next text formatting options such as titles, headings, lists, and more are also game-changing.
  4. iPad: Easy Editing of Big Chunks of Text – With the update, you can now place two fingers down on the keyboard and it instantly becomes a trackpad, letting you select large chunks of text with one swipe. This makes it much easier to edit.
  5. Mac El Capitan: Missing Cursor – Do you constantly lose where your cursor is on the screen? On the latest update of the Mac OS, you can now “shake” or “wiggle” one finger on the trackpad and your cursor will grow BIG.
  6. Mac El Capitan Safari: Pin Tabs – Are you a fan of pinned tabs in Chrome or a Pinterest lover? You can now pin tabs in your favorite Safari Browser.
  7. Mac El Capitan Safari: Whoa, That’s Loud! – Quickly mute a browser window from the address bar. Move your curser to the right side of the address bar. An audio icon will appear and you can click to mute/unmute.
  8. Mac El Capitan: Split View – Are you constantly resizing your windows to fit two programs? That’s no longer necessary with the new Split View. Just click and drag the green maximize button on the left or right side of the screen. It will automatically fit and suggest another window for the other half

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