Anti Bullying

By Ella and Genevieve

The different types of bullying.

  1. Physical Bullying
  2. Hidden bullying
  3. Verbal bullying
  4. Hidden bullying
  5. Cyber bullying

How can bullying effect your physical, social and mental health

Physical health

If the bully resolves to violence it can damage your body in many different ways.

Mental health

Bullying can lead to bad thoughts like I'm alone and no one likes me and that can lower your self confidence.

Social health

Bullying can make you feel alone and afraid to go out and see friends this can affect your relationships with people. This can effect your social health and interaction with others.


What can you do?

Strategies for coping when being bullied

When being bullied it is a smart thing to do is talk to a trusted adult about what is going on.You can talk to parent/gaurdian, teacher, close friends, extended family, older siblings or a psycholigist.

Health resources for supporting victims of bullying

If you are being bullied and need some help or support it is a good idea to talk or see either your school , a concealer , your doctor or a trusted adults.

Recommended websites for students

This website can be helpful because it tells what to do , who to talk to and how to work it out yourself.

This website should be recommended because it tells you want to do , who to talk to and it tells you that if you are feeling certain ways how to work it out.

Defeat The Label Anti Bullying Video