6th Grade Chandler Cheetahs

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Turkey Grams for Sale

6th grade will be selling Turkey Grams for $1 November 7th -11th and November 14th-17th before school at 7:30 am. A Turkey Gram is a Thanksgiving note you can send to someone at Chandler. It will be delivered to them on Friday, November 18th to take home. Turkey Grams are a great way to show your friends, classroom teachers, specials teachers, and office staff how thankful you are for them!

Counselor's Corner

Every year we work with ACO to collect Thanksgiving food items to help those in need in the Allen area. We will be collecting the following items on November 4-11 to help us spread kindness.

Any non-perishable food items: canned corn, green beans, peas, yams, cranberry sauce, pie filling, stuffing mix, gravy mix, cornbread mix, potato flakes, mac and cheese, box pie crust mix, dessert mix and foil pans.

Please bring your donations to school by Friday, November 11th.


Our focus this week is on coordinate graphing with rational numbers. Students will be expected to graph and name ordered pairs of rational numbers in all four quadrants of the coordinate plane. We will use vocabulary such as x-axis, y-axis, x-coordinate, y-coordinate, origin, quadrants, scale, and ordered pair. Students will work on a coordinate graphing turkey picture that is due on Friday 11/11. There is no other homework this week.

English/Language Arts

Students will use plot diagrams to create their very own short stories this week in class! Students will incorporate setting, dialogue, sensory details, characters, conflict, and resolution in their writing pieces.


We have an exciting week in Science this week! We will be doing “Superhero Stations” to review for the Science Benchmark on Thursday. We will also discuss the formula for determining speed. Then we will be introducing Balloon Racers. The kids will be in groups designing the racer that will go the farthest the fastest!

We will be taking a test over Unit 6 on Thursday, November 17th. Study Guides will go home this Thursday.

Social Studies

We are traveling through Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, Luxembourg & Liechtenstein this week for Part 2 of Western Europe. The students are learning many interesting facts while working on their country presentations.

Upcoming Dates

11/8 Math Benchmark

11/9 Reading Benchmark

11/10 Science Benchmark

11/11 ACO Thanksgiving collections due

11/11 Veteran's Day Celebration

11/21-11/25 Thanksgiving Break

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