Student vs. Staff Dodgeball Game

Win to play, play to win, this is it!

Picture This...

Bummer... Your math teacher just gave you tons of homework! What do you do about it? well, the obvious answer would be to do the homework and let it go, but why not

get revenge by challenging them do a game of dodgeball!! Grab a few friends and let's play!


Thursday, April 18th, 12:15pm

1390 Ogden Avenue

Mississauga, ON

Sign up sheets are on the sports board. Get your team of 5 players (or come individually) and sign up to play. The games will be starting on Thursday, April 18th, and we're doing it like intramurals, two teams will square off against each other, ultimately leading to which team will be versing the teachers. Each player will pay $1 at the door right before their team is about to go in. Good luck!

We hope we see you and your team sign up to play in the Student vs. Staff Dodgeball Game! And remember, win to play, play to win, this is it!

But There's More...

If you get hungry during the games, there will also be a snack bar selling candy, chocolate, chips, pop and water all for $1. We will also be selling these in the servery for all people not participating in the games starting Thursday, April 18th.

Come and Support Our Cause!

We hope many of you will come and participate in the Student vs. Staff Game. If you have any questions about the game, ask Emily, Alexa, Karyna, or Sabrina in 8-2. So sign up to play today! :)