energy drink

Group 6 creation

Our product is called Fizze and it is an energy drink, but not just any energy drink. Fizze is an energy drink that is super healthy, it has 0 fat, 0 calories, 0 trans-fat, 0 sodium, and best of all it has 0 SUGAR!!!!! Fizze gives you so much controlled energy you wouldn't believe. Also, Fizze's bottle, cap, and straw are all 100% reusable and recycleable. Plus, if you you go to Fizze's website now, you can design your own cover and flavor for your bottle!!

Our group chose Fizze as our product because.....

1. We thought that it was a product missing from the market ( a healthy energy drink that tastes good)

2. 3/4 of us wished that it was already invented, so that we could use it/drink it.

3. Fizze makes energy drinks even better with its recyclable and reusable bottle, cap, and straw, healthy ingredients, designable bottles, and good taste.

4. We thought that anyone who plays sports or just likes to be healthy and have lots of controlled energy would want to buy this drink.

5. It is actually healthy and priced affordably un-like some other energy drinks.

Satisfaction is guaranteed

Fizze is suggested for peple ages 12+/12-18 years old

We think that 12+/12-18 years old is a good target audience because that is when you teams/sports start to get competitive and more intense so you have to work/train harder for longer hours and more days per week, which means you need more energy and don't really have time for full meals, and that is why we designed fizze.