Book Studies for SSWs

Consultation Theory & Practice: A Handbook for School SW's

Join us for Book Studies Next School Year

Consultation Theory & Practice: A Handbook for School Social Workers by Christine Anlauf-Sabatino presents the consultation theory and practice framework of six models of consultation. These models are organizational consultation, program consultation, education and training consultation, mental health consultation, behavioral consultation, and clinical case consultation. The models are differentiated according to their problem focus, outcome goal, intervention methods, change processes, power base, and value system. The overarching goal of the book is to provide school social workers with the knowledge, skill, and confidence to implement effective consultation services. Consultation is a powerful method to 'realize the promise of the whole-school approach' and to help homes, schools, and communities foster school success and student well-being.


Two Great Formats! In-District or Virtual

Oakland County In-District Book Studies offer a great way to have relevant Professional Development and earn Social Work Continuing Education Credit Hours.

Virtual Studies offer participants the opportunity to meet after school without travelling. Social Work Continuing Education Credit Hours will be offered.

Free books will be given to all Oakland County School Social Work Participants.


Interested? Questions?

Contact Steve Whitmore at soon for more information. and registration information. Space is left for three districts. Virtual space limited to ten.