Hidden children

Children living in fear


There were lots of children during the holocaust most of the children survied in hidding with rescurs also with family friends.Most of them didn't know what was happening at the time.they had to move from place to place recently so they wheren't found easly.Most of the hidden children where found and they where taken to concentration camps as soon as they where found.The most people who where searched the most where men.

Ways of hiding

Most of the children left there parents and went off hiding too stay protected. Where most children would hid where barns,chicken coops,cellars,rescues,family friends,false papers. Boys where searched the most so some of them dressed like girls.some Where moved to hiding place to a different almost every 4 weeks so they wouldn't be found easily.Some of the children where mistreated by there rescues.

learning a new religion

some of the rescuer where teaching there hidden children there religious concepts so they wouldn't be found so easily. Catholics churches and orphanages where the most who helped the Jewish children to hide.The Catholics would teach there religion to the Jewish children and would even baptize them without the parents approve.

A child's prospective

Solomon Fleischer was a child in hiding with his uncle. He had survived the holocaust by some of his mothers close friends.He said "The cellular was so tight that he could barley move".One time he said that he had herd the green police and they had opened the cellular . he hide in a dark corner and one of his moms friends came and lied to the police about him running away.


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book: I survived the holocaust

Michelle Vega