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From the late 1860's onward Irish nationalists had sought to achieve home rule for Ireland, by which they meant Irish control of local government. In 1869 William Gladstone disestablished the Church of Ireland, resulting in Irish Roman Catholics not paying taxes to support the Protestant Church.

Important Leaders

  1. Charles Stewart Parnell (1846 - 1891) Leader of the Irish movement for a just plan settlement and home rule.
  2. William Gladstone (1809 - 1898) British Prime Minister

Battle Results

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Charles Parnell formed the Irish party and began to protest against Parliament in favor of Irish home rule. Eventually the Irish Party gained power and could decide which party took office, splitting the liberal party. Normal British domestic issues could not be resolved because of the political divisions Ireland created. The split of the liberal party was harmful to the cause of further social and political reform.
William Gladstone

Profile of William Gladstone

Personal Commentary

The potato famine was more interesting, but this was okay. Somehow Ireland managed to make things worse for Britain without solving their issues and particularly benefiting themselves.

Three Question Quiz

1. Who was Charles Stewart Parnell?

2. What did the Irish Party support?

3. What is home rule?