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By : Sarah Aguilar

Getting Green Is Bringing A City Together

In Cleveland, Ohio, the city has come together to make a community garden. Everyone has come to grow a different plant and are meeting new people as they do. Each citizen is planting something that relates with their lives in the past or in the present. We have interviewed a member of the garden named Sae Young.

Sae Young is a woman that came to America from Korea with her husband. They tried to have kids and a family of their own but it never happened. Her husband died when he was 37. This was one of the things that harmed her life.

After her husband's death, Sae continued to work in her dry cleaner shop. One day a man, who looked like a regular customer, wanted to leave his jacket but under it he had a gun. The man violently pushed her away the cashier box and started to kick her. The kicking broke one of her cheekbones. The man then made Sae's head hit the wall which made her pass out.

Later after the accident Sae was afraid of being with people because of the damage one had caused her. Sae didn't go to the store for a while because of her fear. She only opened the door to friends that brought food. A few months later, after getting used to going to the store, she passed a garden. Then a nice man saw haer and invited her to plant something if she wished.

Afraid, she planted her crop around other people’s crops. She planted hot peppers which were commonly grown in Korea. The nice people surrounding her have slowly helped her overcome her fear. "I feel like family." Sae says about the citizens in the community garden. This is one of the many stories that have motivated people to come and be part of the community garden.

Advice Column


Dear Pro. S.,

I am 11 years old and live in Austin, Texas. I have an older sister that has currently left for college. She is in New York at Columbia which is an 8 hour flight. I am very proud of her just like my parents but most of all I miss her.

I didn't really matter at first. All I was thinking about at first was how I would get my own room, no more annoying sister, and not being blamed for everything or being pushed around. Now that she is gone I really miss her and I am worried. I am worried if she is ok, how is she doing in classes, and if she is making new friends that she deserves. I miss the fun things we did together. I don't want her to forget about me or of our family. I just want our family to always be together.


Sisterly Blue's


Dear Sisterly Blue's,

Your problem reminds me about a book I read called Locomotion. It talks about family and being together. It relates to your situation because you want to be with your sister even though you’re far away.

My advice to you is that it doesn't matter how far apart you maybe just remember that you will always be family and have a special bond. You should also trust your sister that she is doing well in class and is making good choices choosing her friends. I think a good way to not miss her as much is to keep in touch. For example you can write or talk to each other and have a conversation about what is going on and talk and something you guys both enjoy. Keep in mind that she may also come home for the holidays. Whenever she comes home spend a good time with her and don't argue with each other. Let her know that you care about her.


Pro. S. (Problem Solver)

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