~Dragon Boat Festival~

An Unforgetable Intangible Cultural Heritage

~What are Intangible Cultural Heritages?~

Cultural Heritage is not only collected by old objects or famous buildings, it also includes traditions, such as: festivals, dance, rituals, and old crafts. Intangible Cultural Heritage are delicate but this does not mean that they are not important. It are these traditions that maintain cultural diversity and also pass on skills values and morals from one generation to the next.

~What is UNESCO?~

UNESCO stands for, "United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization." They work to create environments among different cultures to suit their old and new traditions and their life values.

~History Behind the Dragon Boat Festival~

The Dragon boat festival is also known as Duanwa Festival. This festival bean in ancient China. People believe it was because of the suicide of Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan was a well known loyal minister of the king of Ky Kingdom. He was considered honorable as he wrote poems in his spare time to express his angry and sorrow towards his people, Qu yuan was China's first poet. When he was only 61 Yuan drowned tied himself to a brick and drowned himself in the Miluo River 278BCE. The people from the kingdom frantically went out on their boats to save him, but failed. Every year the Dragon Boat Festival is held throughout China in memory of the attempt to save Qu Yuan. (below; Qu Yuan)

~How do they Celebrate the Dragon Boat festival?~

The dragon boat festival is a huge celebration, people throughout China eat special rice dumplings, enjoy red wine and race dragon boats. They wear perfume medicine bags and throw rice wrapped in bamboo into the water to show respect towards Qu Yuan. A strong tradition is making an egg stand at noon this is believed to prevent illness and promote good health and fortune.

~When is the Dragon Boat Festival Held?~

Dragon Boat Festival is held annually on the fifth day of the fifth month occurring to the Chinese Luna Calendar. It was held on Saturday 23 June this year and next year in 2013 it will be held on Wednesday the 12 of June. The Dragon Boat Festival has been held annually for over 2,000 years but only became a national holiday in 2008.

~My Judgemment on the Dragon Boat Festival~

I strongly believe that this tradition should be apart of the intangible heritage program. This festival teaches younger generations respect and tradition, it also is a memorable moment as the dragon boat festival is in honor of the first Chinese poet and is also an important part of Chinese history. This is why the Dragon Boat festival is an important factor and should be a part of the intangible heritage program.