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$7.8 Billion Legal Settlement With BP

Too busy with tax season? Need an expert partner to process BP settlement claims for your clients? If so, then lawyers, CPAs, insurance brokers, and consultants should sign up for the ClaimsComp Referral Partner Program. The program is designed for your firm or business to develop another source of income, while taking care of your clients and avoiding the pain and time of filing claims in the new British Petroluem (BP) Economic Loss Settlement, estimated at $7.8 billion.

ClaimsComp specializes in the recovery of funds from settled class action lawsuits for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals. Our experienced team has helped more than 180,000 people over the past 15 years, and has recovered more than $240 million in class action claims.

Let ClaimsComp serve as your partner in handling all of the complex claims processing work required to file a claim in the BP settlement. Align with ClaimsComp today and make your client's happy, while boosting your own revenue, too!

Background on BP Settlement Funds

The money is flowing in for businesses and organizations adversely affected by the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The financial payments are the result of a class action lawsuit brought against BP that was recently settled in a Louisiana court.

The $7.8 billion settlement makes all businesses in a five-state area—not just those on or near the coast, or affiliated with tourism—eligible for compensation. Nonprofit organizations, churches and individuals are also eligible for compensation. The BP settlement coverage area, or Economic Loss Zone, encompasses all of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, and the coastal counties of Texas and Florida.

BP has agreed to compensate individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations based on location and a financial formula to determine eligibility. If your clients meet the geographical and financial criteria, they are eligible to file a claim. Generally, all businesses located in the Economic Loss Zone (shaded areas in below map), are eligible to file claims.

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Claims Process Is Complex And Challenging

The documentation and process for filing a claim with BP can be daunting and time consuming. With our expertise and experience, ClaimsComp makes the process simple for you and your clients. Our systems and proprietary software enable the easy completion of forms and the efficient filing of challenging claims. And there's no risk or cost involved to see if a business, organization, or individual qualifies for a claim.

For any BP Deepwater Horizon claim, Claims Comp. will complete and submit all relevant claim forms, run financial tests, assess direct or indirect consequences, and choose benchmark periods to maximize the claim.

Moreover, ClaimsComp will determine the appropriate Risk Transfer Premium, which allows for multipliers that account for future potential losses and claims. ClaimsComp is compensated only when you are by earning a reasonable commission on settlement funds.

Become A Referral Partner

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