BES All Star Notes

From the desk of Ms. Wagoner - Principal


*This year has gotten off to a wonderful start! THANKS to EVERYONE for helping out where and when needed....and most of the time without even being asked!

*Central administration visit was great! Examples of interaction with standards were evident everywhere!

*Kudos to Melanie and Tammy P. for getting the 4th grade and 5th grade schedules all worked out in Skyward to make things easier for our teachers!

Important Stuff

  • Don't forget to complete your T-TESS goal setting form parts I & II in Appraise within one week following your preconference with your evaluator.
  • Be sure to show your college spirit next week by wearing your favorite college/higher ed. shirt next Wednesday! Encourage your students to do the same!
  • Can you believe that next week will be our 3rd week in school?! Therefore, progress reports will go home the following Monday. Be sure that you are entering grades on a regular basis so that this doesn't catch up with you!
  • Please be sure to bring your clipboards to the cafeteria starting next week. We will begin having our cafeteria monitors write down the number for the step a student chooses while in the cafeteria on your clipboard roster.
  • Be sure to encourage your parents to attend the grade level parent meetings. You may want to consider an incentive for the students such as a free homework pass. We want as many parents as possible to attend. Also, team leads - please turn in your sign in sheets to Tammie in the office afterwards.


I will continue to include this section each many of you gave me feedback that you enjoyed reading my reflections section this past year and that it helped to boost your spirits from time to time. So, your wish is my command...

We are now completing our second week of school and yet our students and staff are operating as though it is the 6th week! I feel that this is in large part due to your FOCUS and in working TOGETHER to make the start of school as smooth as possible....anticipating the potential pitfalls while celebrating the successes.

I do believe that if we focus on keeping the "main thing the main thing" (learning) and if we continually monitor our progress toward our students learning....then, together we will achieve our goals. As I rode this past weekend in the Hotter Than H bike race - my mind constantly kept going back to our school and our students. I do this on a regular basis actually....whenever I am super tired, hot, and about ready to give up - I think of the circumstances that our students face each and every day. Many of them have had to endure MUCH more in their short little lives than most adults I know to include myself! While I have been through some difficult times - I feel blessed in that I've always had a full tummy and a place to sleep. I've always known where my mom and dad were.....and I only had to change school districts once throughout my childhood. a few weeks when the "new" wears off.....just keep in mind where your students are coming from.....get to know them during these first few weeks of school.....get to know their families, what they like/dislike, and what their dreams are for the future....because many times - we ARE their only hope for a bright future. So keep riding on and moving forward BES All Stars! We are making a difference in their lives....and please know....that each one of you makes a difference in my life....truly!

Side note.....below is a picture of a student who attended my school from grades kindergarten through 5th grade. She and her mom waited for 4 hours until I got to the point where they were watching the race (yes it's true I was on my bike THAT long!). She is a sophomore now in high meant so much to me that she wanted to come see me race. The poster that she made for me is now proudly hanging in my office. You never know the difference you are making.....remember our student speaker during inservice.....rainforest unit in 3rd grade at BES which forever changed and shaped her really never truly realize or know the seeds you are planting.....

Don't Forget...A Week at a Glance

Monday, Sept. 7:

School Holiday!

Tuesday, Sept. 8:

2nd Grade Parent Meeting Night @ 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, Sept. 9:

College Spirit Day!

Team Lead Mtg. @ 3:40 p.m. – Conference Room

Thursday, Sept. 10:

3rd Grade Parent Meeting Night @ 6:00 p.m.

Friday, Sept. 11:

Deadline for completing T-TESS Goal Setting meetings

Wacky WOW Friday for 5th Grade!

Monday, Sept. 14:

Progress Reports Go Home