Hydro-Power Energy

By: Skilar


-Water is renewable, so we will have this energy source forever.

-Water is a clean energy source, so it will not pollute the air.

-Water will help us save un-renewable resources for when we are desperate.


-A dam needs large fast moving bodies of water to work correctly.

-Hydro energy plants cost a lot of money to build/create.

-Dams/Hydro energy plants can ruin many habitats for wild animals.

Some Cool Facts

-The hydro-electric power system relies on the water cycle

-The hydro-electric power system has been around for thousands of years

-Most dams were not at first made to generate electricity

-Most hydro-electric dams are in the states more west

-In the year 2006 hydro-power generated 20% of the world's electricitty


Hydro-power is a fascinating electricity system that can generate a lot of power, if it is placed and used in the right ways. I hope that soon later, in my generation will update the hydro-power electricity system to work in more efficient ways.