The American System

National Bank, Protective Tariff, Internal Improvements

The Purpose

The American system is a system is a system aimed at building up America; created by yours truly, Henry Clay. The system is composed of three main parts: a strong national bank, protective tariffs, and internal improvements such as roads and canals.

The Plan

The idea of a National Bank was proposed by Alexander Hamilton. It is aimed at creating a common currency throughout the country and forming trust between the new government and American citizens. The first protective tariff on goods in the United States came into effect in 1816. The tariff places a 20-25% tax on all goods imported from England. This is not to punish Americans, but is hoped to encourage citizens to purchase goods made in the United States and help the new manufacturing system in this newly formed country. Internal improvements are vital for the well being of the future of this country. Roads and canals are needed for easier transportation, especially in the north. The Erie Canal is under construction to increase easy trade between the Great Lakes region and New York.

Henry Clay

Promoter of the American system and future of America.