Math Empowers Parents

Middletown Township Public Schools

Grades 3-5 4th Quarter 2016-2017

Math Empowers Parents, Grades 3-5 is a quarterly newsletter for parents of children in third, fourth, and/or fifth grades. This publication will include information on how parents can support and foster the love of math at home.

Parents’ Beliefs about Math Change Their Children’s Achievement

Parents: Supporting Mathematics Learning

Educational Value of Puzzles

Mathematicians demonstrate creativity and persistence - two qualities students can learn to be by working on grid puzzles! Because many students enjoy working on puzzles, they can be easily motivated to adopt learning strategies that will improve their puzzle-solving skills. Grid number puzzles provide strong intrinsic motivation to solve for unknown numbers from a handful of clues. As many math problems have a similar form, students who enjoy solving these puzzles can develop positive attitudes toward other forms of math in non-puzzle contexts as well. Introduce and/or try some of these types of puzzles with your children:

KenKen Puzzles




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Erin Conlon

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

New Monmouth Elementary School

Middletown Village Elementary School

Abby Friend

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Nut Swamp Elementary School

Middletown Village Elementary School