Dolphin Dispatch

Volume 28 - Monday, March 14th

Important Dates

March 16: Community Mental Health - Is it time to talk to your kids about drugs (English)

March 17: School Board Meeting

March 17: St. Patrick's Day

March 17: Math Challenge # 11 Responses Due

March 18: Math Challenge # 12 Available

March 18: Holi

March 18: No School (Professional Development Day)

March 22: Community Mental Health - Is it time to talk to your kids about drugs (Mandarin)

March 23: Community Mental Health - Is it time to talk to your kids about drugs (Espanol)

April 7: School Board Meeting

April 11-15: No School (Spring Break)

April 21: School Board Meeting

Check out our online calendar for more dates and details.


Attention 5th Grade Families

~ Donations Still Needed ~

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to the 5th Grade Graduation Events Fund! We have raised 67% of our goal so far, but we still need your help.

As a reminder, we are asking for donations ASAP so that the parents on the Graduation Committee can commit to the venue, food, activities and gifts for the pool party and ceremony. Please donate through the link below. Thank you!

Big picture


Big picture


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Big picture



Egg Drop Experiment

Engineering activities give kids a chance to develop problem solving and observations skills and to work with interesting and engaging tools and materials.

In this activity, your students will get to do all of that as they are challenged to protect an egg from breaking after it is dropped from a set height.

Recording Sheet - for younger students

Recording Sheet - for older students


Membership & Fundraising Update

Membership Goal Status - 34%

Goal: Every NHE student is represented in PTA by at least

one important adult in their lives.

Status: Currently 34% of our students are represented. We are 1/4 of the way there!

Join Here

There is NO obligation or expectation to volunteer or attend meetings. (But we do LOVE to meet members and find fun opportunities for those that want to help!)

Membership assistance is available. We do not want funds to stand in the way of those that want to join. Please email to request a confidential scholarship.

Fundraiser Goal Status - 43%

Goal: $30,000 will fully fund our budget for the 2021-22 school year.

Status: We are 43% of the way to our goal.

Donate Here

And remember to ask your employers about their Corporate Match Plan. Many local employers will match the donation you make up to 100%!

Every dollar contributed to our Pass the Hat fundraiser goes directly to support the programs offered by the PTA. A donation of $100 covers our spending per student, but any amount is appreciated. Every dollar counts!

We are a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Our Tax ID number is 91-1208399.


From Green Team

City of Bellevue Utilities is offering free, interactive Greener Living live virtual Zoom classes and demonstrations this spring. Attendees will receive a digital kit after each class.

Visit for more information and to register.


From Nurse Cori

BSD is now offering drive-thru diagnostic PCR testing for students who show symptoms of COVID-19. The details of drive-thru testing are as follows:

Who can participate?

BSD students who are currently exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

What will be offered?

  • Diagnostic testing will be completed via a shallow nasal swab using the same Atlas Genomics PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests used throughout the district. Rapid antigen tests will not be offered.
  • Students will self-administer the nasal swab from their vehicle under the direction of a trained test observer. A student’s parent or guardian may assist by swabbing the nose using the same process instead of self-administration.
  • Insurance is not required to test.
  • Please note, drive-thru testing is by appointment only.

When will testing be offered?
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Where will drive-thru testing take place?
Wilburton Instructional Services Center (WISC)
12241 Main St
Bellevue, WA 98005

Sign Up
Click the link below and follow the instructions to sign up for a drive-thru test:

Sign Up Here

Things to Bring

  • Please bring a digital copy of your order form. This will be used as confirmation of your appointment and will expedite the testing process.
  • A mask.
  • No photo ID is required.

Getting Your Results

  • You will receive a text message and email when results are available. Sign into your Test Directly account to access your report.
  • You can also view your report by entering the Order ID, DOB, and Access Key OR the 16-character QR Code provided during your test and DOB.
  • Expect results in 48-72 hours.

Please Note
Students who complete diagnostic tests MUST NOT go back to school after their test. They should wait until results are returned.



Follow up on the announcement from the Bellevue School District that masks are now be optional indoors.

We recognize that this change may bring up many feelings for students and families. Please know that our staff members will be speaking with students on acceptance of personal choice when it comes to mask usage. No staff member or student can require others within the school building to wear a mask or not wear a mask in classrooms. The only places where mask use is required are in the health room and in the isolation room (where students go if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms).

We know this is a shift in thinking, and we know that it may take time for our children and families to become comfortable with the changes. In the meantime, we do not tolerate harassment, intimidation, or bullying within our school. If your child tells you that they have been teased or pressured regarding your family's masking decision, please reach out to your child's teacher immediately. Your child's teacher will work in collaboration with Ms. Al-Ali and Jane Kopf-Stover to remedy the situation.

Please watch the short video below with your kids:

Mask Video


Family Connections - Ana Lewis

The Bellevue School District is committed to providing access to nutrition and additional resources for our students and families.


From the district

Hello Bellevue Families,

For the first time in two years, on Monday, March 14, children and staff will come and go to schools without any requirement that they wear face coverings. We recognize and honor the decisions by the authorities to remove the mask mandate. We fully understand that some will celebrate the sunsetting of the mandates, while others will feel tremendously vulnerable and unsafe. For example, for someone with a compromised immune system, wearing a mask is a necessity.

In short, mine is a plea to recognize the significance of the masks, while still enabling the transition to personal choice. As a school district, we want to emphasize and support the recommendations of the health authorities as they provide encouragement for us to use masks as effective personal protection. Masks have been critical in helping us keep children in school, and for many children and staff, masks will remain key to being in school. We welcome those electing masks and will do everything possible to support the effective supply and use of masks.

I would emphasize that the schools must foster social standards that fully support differing personal choices. As a school district, and as individuals, we must respect the choices made by others, even when different from our own. To that end, I want to further emphasize that negative comments about another person’s choice will be considered harassment.

It gets more difficult when teachers, principals, and school staff make recommendations to students in response to special situations such as students or staff who may be more vulnerable to the COVID virus. Those recommendations by “school authorities” may become confused with directives and expectations. We will avoid making such special recommendations. Persons with special circumstances will be encouraged to request accommodations, and the procedures for those accommodations are established and less confusing.

In the end, we must recognize the ever-changing nature of our responses to health needs. We ask for your understanding to help us take this step from mandate to personal choice. We commit to ensuring that every child is against bullying, harassment, or pressure because of their personal choice. We will do everything we can to supply masks for those electing continued use, or to identify the source of high-quality protection. Also, we will continue to share the advice of the health authorities. We remind everyone that this step has become an option because of the continuing progress in vaccinations, and we will continue our partnership in offering clinics as needed. Thank you.


Interim Superintendent Art Jarvis, BSD 405

Video Message


Notes from the Backpack podcast

Notes from the Backpack is a PTA podcast designed for parents, featuring real conversations with real parents, experts and educators who offer real-life advice, ideas and strategies parents can use to help their children succeed in and out of school.

Parents' Guide to College Admissions

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One Voice - Official National PTA Blog

This is part one of the blog series about the Russia-Ukraine War and the effects on children and youth across the country and around the world. You can read part two here.

“What is happening in Ukraine can be frightening for both children and adults. Ignoring or avoiding the topic can lead to children feeling lost, alone and scared, which can affect their health and well-being. It is essential to have open and honest conversations with children to help them process what is happening.”

— Ane Lemche, Save the Children

Parents, Kids and Talking About Ukraine

Newport Heights PTA

Newport Heights PTA is a volunteer-powered association of NHE families, staff, and community supporters, who act collectively on behalf of our children.

Our mission is to make every NHE student's potential a reality by promoting partnerships between home, school and community, engaging and empowering families and supporters to advocate for all children.