Tuesday Tech Tips

Weekly Suggestions for Supporting Tech in the JBK8 Classroom

This week is all about pacing. Simple tech tricks to keep kids on task and class on track.

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Need a timer to help with pacing? Does your I DO go longer than 10 minutes. Kids running out the door because clean up started when the bell rang? Think about trying these tips...

SMART Notebook has timers you can place in any slide. Click the gallery tab (circled in pic 1) and type timers in the search bar (pic 1) then click the magnifying glass icon (pic 1).

Then click the Interactive and Multimedia button (pic 2) and simply click and drag the timer you want into the slide you need it in.

NOTE: If you have SMART Notebook 11 the timers won't work in dual-page display mode but work fine in single page display.

I use them during the DO NOW and during student collaborative work to increase accountability.

Timers also help me to ensure I have enough time left for cleanup and closure of my class period.

Quick Timer

Did you know the omni box could be used as a timer if you're using Google Chrome? Omni Box (the fancy name for address bar) Just type timer for then set amount of time (pic 3). If I type TM in the address bar, click the space bar and then a number, the timer will set for that amount of minutes.

Also there are a few Google Extensions:



Alarm to End Class???

Here is a Google Chrome extension you can add if you want a reminder for cleanup time/lesson closure


When you add it it will come up as a clock but if you right click you can go to options where you can also set the bell reminders with cool sounds to alert you when your classes are almost up. I personally set mine at 2 minutes before the bell, but if your a Chromebook user maybe you want to do longer.

Not into Google or SMART timers, try to pace with your FITBIT!

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Do you have a Fitbit?

Maybe you are considering getting once since so many of your co-workers have one?

Well if you have one or do get one, please consider alarms to help keep track of time. You can set your timer to go off a few minutes before the bell so students get prepare before passing time. This could help out our hallway behaviors.

The physical reminder of my arm shaking lets me know it's time to get packed up. There is also a repeat button which will help you out.