Monday Morning Motivation

February 1, 2016

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Green....My New Favorite Color!!

Team Awesome,

As you know, each year the Arkansas Department of Education sets test score goals for every school in the state of Arkansas. Each school must grow/improve each year to meet those goals. The goals are set for Literacy, Math, Number of Students Tested, and Attendance. In the Math and Literacy categories, there are several subcategories and goals are set for EACH of these categories. Each goal not met (the target % increases every year), is highlighted in RED and for each goal met in GREEN.

I am so proud of our students and you Team AWESOME because for the first time since this report was released several years ago, we are all GREEN!! This means our achievement gap is getting smaller and that is what we push for every day! Thank you for being dedicated to pushing our students to meet their potential. It takes all of us working together to build a school where dreams are supported and children are encouraged to reach beyond what they thought they could!

We are still classified as a Needs Improvement School because the state requires us to meet the annual objectives for two years in a row. Once this happens a school is moved from the Needs Improvement to Achieving list. Achieving is not enough for our students. Let's focus on Exemplary! We just moved a lot closer to this goal!

You Put the "AWE" in AWEsome!


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NEW CES Family Blog Post

The CES Family Blog has really taken off!! Thanks to everyone that has submitted a post....keep them coming!! We have had a couple of new posts since last Monday and several "posts in waiting". Please check out the post submitted by Griffin Keathley and Mrs. Goodrich. I will be pushing all new blog posts out on Facebook and Twitter. Please share via social media when you see a new post. This is another great way for us to continue our positive brand.

Mrs. Goodrich- When the Commissioner of Education comments on your blog is kind of a big deal!

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Congratulations to Mrs. Ball and Mrs.Kelly for both of their Flexible Seating Projects receiving funding through Donors Choose!!!

Fab Fridays in February

February is here and it is time to make our Fridays "FABULOUS"! The calendar of events can be found below! Let's make this a time to laugh and connect with our team!! Literacy team no worries.....we will have your ice cream waiting for you Friday after your workshop!
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Important Dates for the week of February 1-5

Focus Walks Begin This Week

Monday 2/1

#celebratemonday - Be sure to post to @CarlisleElem AND #ceslearners

Tuesday 2/2

American Fidelity will be on campus today (there will be a rotating sub)

Norton at Co-op for TESS Training

Mandatory Staff Gathering in the New Computer Lab @ 3:30 pm.

Thursday 2/4

Winter Birthday Luncheon in the Family Center

Friday 2/5

  • 3-6 Literacy Team at the Co-op this am for ACT Aspire Training
  • We will makeup the missed Literacy Vertical Team meeting todaLiteracy Vertical Team meeting 2:00-3:00. Coverage chart can be found here. The coverage chart may change, if so you will be notified later in the week.
  • Winter Book Fair kicks off

Upcoming Events -

2/9 Tentative Honor Roll Assemblies

2/11 Parent Teacher Conferences

2/12 Valentine Parties

2/18 ACT Aspire Infrastructure (5th/6th only)

Fundraising Events -

PTS Cookie Dough Fundraiser March 1-15

Ocean Camp Artwork Fundraiser March 17-24

Social Media A-HA Moments....

  • If your font is small in your Google Drive, just hit "control 0" and it will instantly enlarge!
  • I have learned about Bitmojis....OH my I may need an intervention!! Such a fun app for iPhone or Androids.
  • The Power of Words