Mastering Math

@The Thinking Center

Demystifying Math

While we focus on getting the assignments completed, prepping for quizzes & tests, using calculators efficiently, taking better notes, we also get to the gut of mathematics: visualizing numerical patterns.

Students who have a solid number sense "use numbers flexibly," according to Stanford Professor Jo Boaler. She continues, "For example, when asked to solve the problem of 7 x 8, someone with number sense may have memorized 56, but they would also be able to use a strategy such as working out 10 x 7 and subtracting two 7s (70-14)."

We emphasize play and focus on the visual and symbolic representation of the numbers which leads to improved memory. We want our students to recognize patterns and connect them to solve math facts which ultimately reduces anxiety and gives students confidence about math. We teach students how to talk math!