How to kill Medusa

Steps and tips to kill Medusa

Medusa's Myth

Medusa was a young beautiful girl. She fell in love with Poseidon, she became united to him until their marriage. The gods and goddesses punished her very badly... they took away her beautiful hair and replaced it with snakes. Her beautiful eyes became blood shot furious orbs. She was doomed for eternity to make Mortals or creatures into statues with a peak of an eye.

5 simple steps to kill Medusa

5 simple steps can save you from dying Medusa's horrible death:

Step 1: If you do encounter her the best thing to do is to have a crew with you

Step 2: If she tries to convince you to look at her call your crew for help

Step 3: Your crew can approach her from behind and cut her head off.

Step 4: Beware because the power still works with her head on or off her body

Step 5: Put some shades on her and do not look at her eyes.

Then you have just killed a monster and survived it.

Individuals encountered Medusa

Guaranteed you wont die and you will kill her

Frequently asked questions

Question: Does her power still worked if dead.?.

Answer: Yes it does but wont be harmed if not made contact eye to eye

Strengths and Weakness

Strength: Looking into her eyes, Statue maker, blood on her right hand can cure any illness, the blood on her left hand is a deadly poison

Weakness: Not looking into her eyes


In conclusion Medusa is a horrible creature but can be slayed or avoided. She has weaknesses but then also has strengths.