Woman Suffrage

BY: Nyia Spellen

Why Did The Protest Start? Background Information

  • The woman started to ask questions about how they could not vote.
  • They believed that woman had a vote.
  • they where equal to men in all ways

What Was The Protest? Information About The Suffrage Movement

  • National woman suffrage

  • woman rights
  • Began to take part of the reform movement and politics
  • Have equal rights in convention

  • They adopted a declaration of sentiment

  • the right to govern themselves and choose their own representative
  • Suffrage took varied shapes in different countries.

What Happened As a Result? Effects of The Protest

  • 1776 document declared that all men are created equal

  • 1848 declaration proclaimed that all men and women are created equal

  • Gain strength

  • men where upset

How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests?

  • Forced strong opposition
  • put up signs
  • yelling
  • boy cot
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Women's Suffrage in the 20th Century