Month-End Recap

From Ayesha Dawley

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March 2016

This update is for my team only, and is designed to provide

  • a recap of our success from the previous month
  • real-life examples of what other consultants are doing
  • training and information

THE NUMBERS: A Benchmark for You

Number of Consultants: 46

Average Personal Volume (PV): $461

Average Personal Volume (PV) Among Active Consultants: $605

Three Highest PVs: $3,529 / $2,434 / $1,883

Three Highest NVs: $1,507 / $721 / $687

Number of Consultants with a Team: 18

Number of Promotions This Month: 0



Natalia Martinez (Mentor: Breen Tivnan Inkmann)
Jenna Yentz (Mentor: Samantha Bratel)

We are so glad you're here! This is going to be fun and rewarding!


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Download Voxer, Please!

Please download Voxer at your earliest convenience, and begin using it with your mentor, as well as the consultants on your team.

Voxer is an app that was recommended to us at Leadership Summit. Think of it as voice texting, but in a way that works for any phone - not just iPhones. It allows people to do business on-the-go, without having to arrange a time to talk on the phone, without having to wait for the phone to ring or for voicemail to answer. It also allows you to avoid typing lengthy texts or emails, it eliminates the misunderstanding that can come with written "tone" - or lack thereof - and it gives you the opportunity to chat with someone at any time, without interrupting them....even if it's early in the morning or late at night.

You can communicate by voice, text, photo or video and it makes conducting business with your team and fellow consultants extremely efficient! It also makes your time in the car very productive, while at the same time being a safe app to use while driving.
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Beautycounter in The Zoe Report

What a great feature to share with your prospective consultants! And, a good reminder to each of us that with some work and dedication, your "side hustle" can deliver REAL money! For many, it is, can be or will be our MAIN hustle!
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Here is a sneak peek of the NEW packaging that is coming! You will begin to see the new packaging slowly phased in over the next few months. To keep our environment in mind and to avoid being wasteful, we will use up our existing products first. As a result, your collections may look a little crazy and disjointed for a while, until the transition has fully taken place. Please be patient.

Isn't the new packaging gorgeous?

Wise Words from Our Managing Director, Michelle Skinner:

I am working with Michelle Skinner on a small group initiative, and she had some wise words to share with those small groups. I thought they were good enough reminders to pass on to everyone:

- There are no excuses allowed. We all have things that happen, we all have busy lives, we all find other things to do with our time, have kids, work another job... but let's leave the excuses at the door and come with value added advice, ideas, communication, and support! You will be able to do what works for you and your life and that's all anyone expects! ;)

- On that note...leave negativity behind. You don't want people to feel sorry for you and your situation, that's not what this is about. Once again, this is to HELP you and your business, so let's have fun, be encouraging, happy, and helpful! Yes?

Let's have a great April everyone, looking forward to seeing what this team can do!!

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Face Kits: A Core Component of This Business

You'll often hear me say "Where is Your Face Kit Right Now?" I say this because your products are like your employees. If they are in your home, they're not working for you. This business can be worked within the BUSIEST of schedules, and one of the ways to most effectively do that is to utilize face kits...and by keeping your face kit circulating like a revolving door. Once you get your face kit back, think of it as a game of "hot potato," and get it right back out again, with someone else! Don't hang on to it!

Look at your 100-Person List, and create a schedule for who is going to get your face kit. You don't need to ask...Just give it to them! Say something like, "I brought my products for you to take for a test run for a couple days! You are going to love them....I can't wait to hear what you think!" Then, get the products back in 3-4 days. Any longer and you run the risk of them not getting used, because the prospective client feels no urgency.

*NOTE: Face Kits are FULL-SIZED products that you lend out. Our tiny sample sets are great to have with you for spontaneous interactions and/or for mailing to those who aren't local. But the most EFFECTIVE way to help someone fall in love with our products is to lend them the FULL-SIZED versions - to use in their own bathrooms for a couple of days.

Here is a great video from Laura Stenovec, in which she talks more about how face kits work.
Password: FaceKit
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Comp Plan Changes & Activity Minimums Are Here!

As you know, our comp plan changes took effect on April 1st, and new eagerly-awaited activity minimums are now being enforced.

The changes that took effect on April 1st are summarized below.

Activity Requirements:
$1,200 PV over 6 consecutive months to remain Active Consultant status (of which $250 must be New Volume)

Band of Beauty Member Program:
25% Commission for Member Orders

Personal Sales Bonus:



• Earn a 5% Sales Bonus on PV between $750 - $1499
• Earn a 7% Sales Bonus on PV between $1500 - $2999
• Earn a 10% Sales Bonus on PV over $3000
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  • Say Yes to Success
  • Dash to Director
  • Start Counting Program
  • 2 Months to Manager Training
  • 3 Months to Director Training

You can always find details on current incentives in Behind the Counter>Training>Training by Topic>Incentives.


We've launched in Canada. We have released a baby line. HQ has AMAZING plans for this year. We have a new comp plan, new activity minimums and it's a new month with a blank slate. A FRESH start!

Plan your work, and work your plan, because NOW is the time. You are fortunate enough to be one of the FIRST in with this company. Get ready. Work hard. What an amazing opportunity we have.

We are a disruptive beauty brand dedicated to radical transparency. Our goal is progress, not perfection. The market is ripe for safe products. This is our moment.

Let's do this!