Black Holes

What are black holes and how do they form?

How does a black hole form?

when a supergiant star dies in a supernova too much gravity force forms a black hole

and starts its life cycle. Pulling all the dust, gas, and matter from the star. But as you know

it pulls else matter in space. The black holes vacuming power is so strong not even light can


What does a black hole do?

A black hole acts like a recycling plant and reuses the the leftover gas and matter from the sun. like a magnet the black hole uses any matter it can pull in and creats a new star. If the black hole does not get enough matter it will suck up a whole star to get the dirt it needs.

Is a black hole good or bad?

As far as history is nobody has ever ben harmed in a black hole so we cant call them bad and they recreat far away stars so what I wouldnt call that good nor bad. So Id say that its up to you to decide.


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