FMS Weekend Focus

March 18th, 2016

Dear FMS Staff,

Thank you so much to those of you offering assistance at the end of the day today while Steve and I had so much happening at once. Also, a big thanks to STUCO and all the volunteers for a fabulous activity night! We truly appreciate all you do to help out!

PLEASE help us out by extra monitoring of our bathrooms. This is where the kids are heading to do things they don't want us to see.

Team Tuesday will now be moved to Wednesday due to many conflicts happening this week. Please be sure your data is updated as we will plan the next WIN rotation. Thanks!

Have a great weekend!


Activity Night in Full Swing!

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TLAP Focus for the Week: Costume Hook

Our hook for next week is the COSTUME HOOK. How could you use it with your lessons?

  • What can I wear as an outfit or costume for this lesson?

  • Is there an existing character that I can impersonate?

  • Can I create a character that is relevant to this lesson?

  • Can I invent a superhero or super villian for this subject?

  • What accessory can I use to enhance my presentation? (something as small as glasses or a hat)

PIRATE CHALLENGE: Tweet out or let Beth know when you are getting your costume on!

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Transformation in Action!

Next Week at FMS

All Week: track, intramural volleyball

Monday-#CelebrateMonday, PLC Lead Team 3:30

Tuesday-Harmony Hornets, District Reading Committee Meeting


Thursday-Stepping up to Success for 8th grade, Track away, Broadcasting Club


Monday, April 4th: NO WORKSHEET HOLIDAY! WOOHOO! (more details soon)

Spring Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will be Wednesday, April 13th and Tuesday, April 19th. More information coming soon!

Attendance Updates

Average Daily Attendance: 95.5%

% of Students here 90% of the time: 89.22% Starting to move up!!! WOOHOO!

Celebrate Good Times!

Amazing Educator Resources

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