Nitrogen Cycle

By: Bobby Wilson and Jenna Richmond


Nitrogen starts in the atmosphere. It can either go into the soil or to the fertilizer production. In the soil, nitrogen fixing bacteria "fixes" the nitrogen to be used. If it goes to the fertilizer production, it's distributed into the crops to make the soil rich in nitrogen. The soil is then "fixed" by legumes and that nitrogen is transferred into the plants. Then, animals come along and eat the plants. They die and then decompose. The many bacteria and fungi convert it to ammonia compounds in the soil. This is then released back into the air as atmospheric nitrogen and the cycle starts again.

How to Help the Environment

  • Reduce the Use of Fossil Fuels, it is potent to the environment.
  • Make sure if you use fertilizers for crops to check the weather. Some forms of fixed nitrogen that are applied during fertilization, are exacerbate water pollution problems. A high nitrate concentration in drinking water is a direct human health problem. If you do this, the water will be purified and healthy to drink.
  • Use plants that will reduce nitrogen in the soil. Their will be less nitrogen in the atmosphere which will lead to less pollution.