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Leonardo Infante

Persuasive Techniques

Would you like to get paid $45,000 to play college basketball?

See there is even articles Saying "It's time to pay college athletes for the first time"

Convincing and detailed

I think college athletes should be getting paid more because of there effort and talent they have to play the sports, I also think that athletes should have a day, week off from practicing because should spend time with their family.
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5 Reasons why athletes should deserve to get paid more!

1st College athletes spend an Average of 43.3 hours per Week didicated their sport, its like working a full time job without getting paid like thats a rip off.

2nd Its important College athletes should get paid more becuase right now there too broke to even pay attention, college athletes struggle to make ends meet.

3rd Paying the Athletes would make their sport more Competitive, Paying the students more will increase the level of performance.

4th Recruit top talent in Academics and in sports becuase of the status and fame of their sports Teams, Athletes should get paid more becuase if you can fill a stadium up with fans you can fill a University with paying students and star professors.

5th The college sports Apparel Market Capitalizes Specifically on the players, famous, Fabulous star players really help jersey sell. So yeah Here are my 5 reasons why i think College athletes should get paid more.

Counter Arguuement

Davis Malone- "The NCAA should not consider paying collegiate athletes for their participation in their respective schools athletic programs. The education and services collegiate athletes receive for their participation is enough compensation and will be valuable after they’re done competing athletically."

Leo Infante- I disagree with you Mr. Malone beucase even as they risk careeer endding injuries every every time they step on that court, field, rank. Just last weekend, Louisville's Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome broken leg (But successfully had surgery that will enable him to return to playing eventually) He should have got paid for at least for the Surgery.