Toronto Maple Leafs

By: Grace Harrison

Team Information

Toronto Maple Leafs

They are From Toronto Canada

The latitude and longitude of Toronto is 43.7000 North and 79.4000 West

It is in the South West

Chinese, Italian, punjabi/ Pilipino, Portuguese, English are spoken here

Toronto has more than 8,000 restaurants

The city of Toronto started of as the city of York

The Toronto zoo has more than 16,000 animals

Physical features

Toronto has a about 10 million trees

The highest point is 209 miles

307 kilometers of rivers and creeks run through the city

Team Mascot Information

The mascot for the Toronto maple leafs is Carlton the polar bear

The nickname for this team is Maple Leafs

The Toronto maple leafs relate to Canadian culture because on the Canadian flag there is a red maple leaf

History of the Toronto maple leafs

The team was established November 26, 1917

The founder was Conn Smythe

They chose Toronto because it is the largest city in Canada

The mascot connects to the region because it is a polar bear and the region is cold.


The air Canada centre Is the maple leaf arena

The arena got its name because it used to be a basket ball arena(maple leaf gardens) after the modification they had it was given to hockey.

HANGAR and ACC were the arenas other names

Stadiums and arenas are being named after businesses because the business will pay money to keep their name on the stadium/arena.