By Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka Biography

Franz Kafka was born into a middle class, German- speaking Jewish family on July 3, 1883 in Prague,Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. He was sent to German schools, not Czech, which demonstrates his father's desire for social advancements.

He went to Charles Ferdinand University, where he studied chemistry, and the switched to law. Kafka obtained a degree of Doctor of Law on June 18, 1906.

He started working in an Italian insurance company. He was also commited to his literary work. In Berlin, he lived with Dora Diamant. Dora became his lover, but in 1917 he began to suffer from tuberculosis. He returned to Prague where he died on June 3, 1924.

The Metamorphosis Plot

Gregor is a hardworking man who suddenly one day wakes up and finds himself converted into a vermin. Gregor needs to find what is going on and how is he going to go back to his normal life. He goes through a series of hard situations in which he will learn how to face life's obstacles.


Gregor: he is a hardworking, caring and alone salesman who suffers from a strange condition of body change.

Gregor's Sister: caring girl who is worried and starts to cry after she finds out Gregor is comverted into a vermin.

Gregor's Mom and Dad: Gregor's parents with who Gregor do not have a close relationship. Mom and Dad are helpful people who decide to help Gregor.

Doctor: Curious person who tries to find out what is going on.


"I’m slightly unwell, an attack of dizziness, I haven’t been able to get up. It’s shocking, what can suddenly happen to a person! I was quite all right last night, my parents know about it, perhaps better than me, I had a small symptom of it last night already. Please, don’t make my parents suffer! -Gregor


1. The fact that Gregor was converted into a vermin and not other kind of insect seemed interesting for me.

2. The part when Gregor woke up and realized that this was nit a dream. He was trapped inside this creature.

3. The part when Gregor managed himself to get out of bed and start walking. He never gave up and that seemed interesting.