Exploratory Wheel: Computers 6th

Sept. 16, 2013

This week in Computer Class...

I'm happy to report that most students have made good progress in Reading Plus, with over 200 students scoring 80% or higher on the comprehension quizzes in SeeReader.We have been spending a sufficient amount of time in class on Reading Plus activities, therefore my expectation is that every child should be making growth in the program. Each student should complete 10 activities a week--2 iBalance activities, 4 SeeReader stories, and 4 ReadAround vocabulary builders. I am required to post a weekly reading comprehension grade which will be the average of all the SeeReader stories completed that week. Keep in mind that the stories are on your child's reading level, and therefore the expectation is that an 80% is obtainable. Your child will also earn a grade for completion of the ten activities. Both grades are 20% of your child's total grade. Please refer to the three previous newsletters for more information about The Reading Plus program.

Using the Edmodo Backpack

It is my goal to have a paperless classroom. In the next few weeks, I will be teaching students to create documents using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 2010, and uploading them to their Edmodo "Backpack". The Backpack is simply a virtual flash drive that allows your child to store an unlimited number of files, or links. There is a 100mb upload limit, but the overall storage available is unlimited. Once students upload a file to the backpack, they will be able to attach items from the backpack to a post to the teacher. The teacher can then read and respond to the submission, send it back for correcting, and assign a grade. Most, if not all, of this will be done during the school day, so....take a deep breath and don't worry about a thing! Your children are amazingly talented and they will be able to do this with few problems!

Mrs. Campbell's Top Web Picks for the Week...

Usernames and Passwords

Write it Down!

Last week, I gave each student a handout for writing down usernames and passwords for the websites we use most frequently, and provided time in class to "test" each username and password. (I will attach that file to this newsletter when I return to school tomorrow.) I provided glue sticks, tape, and a stapler and instructed students to permanently attach this "help" sheet to their planner, pocket folder, or binder. Some students left their sheets with me to fill out and I will return those tomorrow. Please help your child by making a copy for yourself to keep at home. Probably the most important one right now is Reading Plus. The username and password (with the exception of a few students) is the last name (first letter capitalized) and first initial (also capitalized); for example CampbellM would be both my username and password. Some children have a 1 or a 2 added to the username, but not the password. The site code, if you are asked, is swisspoint. Thanks for your patience with this program and with me!