Ms. Mendez's Pre Kindergarten Class

Houston Elementary , Care ISD

Weekly Newsletter for October 28-November 1,2013

Greetings we have a very busy and exciting week ahead of us! We are working on several objectives in each subject and as always your support is always appreciated. We also have fun activities for Halloween.We are almost at the end of the calendar year and end of our nine weeks. You're students have been working hard and they are a delight to have in class!


This week we will be practicing the lower case letter " i" in words. We are also learning the different sounds the letter ca make in different words. We will be reading stories and discussing where we can find the lowercase "i". You can help your child at home by practicing and seeing if they can find them on billboards, newspapers,or anything at home.


Children will be allowed to wear their storybook character costumes on Halloween this Thursday. Please no masks as they can put our students in danger or any props or accessories that can become a hazard to the child or anyone else. Also no candy will be allowed so if you want your student to bring something such as fruit snacks, pretzels, or Halloween party favors that will be acceptable if any questions feel free to call the school.


This week's lesson is a general lesson that will be covered not just this week but it will coem up a lot in our class. The goal of this lesson is to get the students to begin to use
language to describe location of objects. For example, the chair is under the table. I am sitting next to the door.I will be having several activities to teach this school but it would be awesome and most helpful if you can practice this skill at home. You can give them simple directions , ask questions, and more just to get them thinking about the spatial sense and the language used to describe location.


Child demonstrates use of location words (such as “over”, “under”, “above”, “on”, “beside”, “next to”, “between”, “in front of”, “near”, “far”, etc.).

Pumpkin Carving Contest Reminder

Thursday, Oct. 31st 2013 at 2pm

Houston Elementary School

The school will be hosting their annual pumpkin carving contest for all students if your child has one feel free to bring it Thursday morning and they will have a small student only contest for the whole school to see. Again if any questions call the school and someone will be happy to answer them.

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It's been such a wonderful semester with your students they are truly amazing and they teach me as much as I teach them! I am proud of our progress as a class and none of this would be possible without the support of you the parents and guardians. I really appreciate the time you take to study with your child, call me, and participate in volunteer activities. Thank you and let's continue this to have a wonderful rest of the school year


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