July 2019 Newsletter

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District TxSP Administrators!

TxSP is so excited to begin the 2019-20 school year with our subscribing districts. 99% of our current districts renewed their subscription and we are adding new districts all across the state of Texas. So glad to have everyone with us. Some news and reminders:

  • We will be updating our website with requirements from the 86th Legislative Session. You may see newsletters coming a little more frequently to keep you posted!
  • For security purposes, TxSP is changing each District Subscribers passwords for renewing members. Emails with new passwords will be sent July 31, which may then be distributed to your district administrators, counselors, nurses, and all others who may benefit from the database. Your District Admin password WILL NOT BE CHANGED. In addition, if your TxSP District Admin representative for your district is changing, please update us with the new Admin's name and contact information.
  • In an effort to better clarify and find different types of documents on our website, we have changed all or our presentations from Res. to PPT.
  • TxSP continues to encourage you to send all the newsletters out to your staff who are using our site. Most districts share it with all campus and district administrators, secretaries, counselors, nurses, and support staff. Many of our districts also share and make the resources available to the teachers, but this is a district preference.
  • Reviewing your monthly usage reports with the district leadership team will also keep the district updated as to what sections are being used the most and what sections need some support.

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Progressive Documentation for Administrators - Staff Development

TxSP has provided several Staff Development sessions for campus administrators in learning how and when to document. We have provided all the resources to you in our Training Section and have had great responses. Please feel free to use within your district, or TxSP is happy to come and provide training for your campus administrators. Call (855) 367-8977 if you are interested in having TxSP provide this training for your district. We've provided staff development for districts as large as 4 high schools and those as small as 200 students.