I'm the best pilot out

How much do you get paid?

Well, in a year you get at least:

  • $98,410

And in a month you get approximately:

  • $8200.83

Lastly in Two weeks you get:

  • $4100.41

The type of education needed ?

To be able to fly one of these amazing planes you need one of the following:

  • High school diploma
  • Or a bachelors degree

All about being a pilot

About the job

My job transports people to the place they want or need to go, not only could I fly people like a commercial pilot would, but I can go on missions to save people. I can fly a whole variety of aircrafts like Helicopters or commercial plane. My job gets paid plenty of money but it also means I would have to fly whenever needed wether it's late or not and I'd have to be away from home

Why the job is interesting

The reason why I think this job is interesting is because I could fly planes and go see places I have dreamed of seeing. Also I get paid coocoo bucks and I like that. But I am mainly doing it for the money. I would be able to go to Jamaica or like the Bahamas and come back whenever I wanted to.
The Most Beautiful Place on Earth, Kauai