Christie Newsletter No.12

Staying Connected, Collaborative, and Committed


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As I was reading from Nancy Tillman's book, The Crown on Your Head, to my son last night I was reminded of each of YOU. Each one of you is special and different in your own beautiful way, by design. This week celebrate each other by letting your kids and peers know how truly special they are and how we couldn't make ALL this work without EACH OTHER! #Christieconnects to share your keen observations.

Have a great week.

Important Dates

11.16 SST after school

11.18 Staff PD

11.19 Drills Day

11.20 FML

11.23-11.27 THANKSGIVING BREAK!!!!


Loose/Tight Document

As we move forward in PLCs it's important that we get clear on what's "loose" and what's "tight" in our collaborative efforts. For the month of NOVEMBER we will be taking a look at the document below...adding to it and taking away. Our ILT has started it and will continue adding as the month progresses. We want you guys to do the same...


Please review from this link:

Add comments to the side by clicking the button that says 'Comments' that way everyone can see our thinking

Coaching Cycles

Please utilize the link below to sign up for individual or team coaching cycles. Per our goal this year, it is our collective expectation to engage in coaching conversations to impact student learning.
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Sample Team-Coaching-Cycle

1. Pre-Conference

  • The team will discuss with Julie what their goal is for student learning
  • The team will design a checklist of look for's during peer observations

2. Observation

  • The coach and/or team members will make observations

3. Post-Conference

  • The team will discuss learning & next steps for student learning