What's inside a computer

by Harriet Gono


The (central processing unit) is almost like the brain of your computer it processes any information given to it. The CPU relies on an Operating system such as Windows or MacOS for input and output of data, interaction with the user or storing information on the disk.

A Hard Drive

A hard drive is data storing device which stores all important files and programs. It is used for storing and receiving digital information using rapidly rotating disks covered with magnetic material.


A motherboard is the central or primary circuit board making up a computer system or other complex electronic system. A typical computer is built with the microprocessor, main memory, and other basic components on the motherboard. Other components of the computer such as external storage, control circuits for video display and sound, and devices are attached to the motherboard via connectors or cables of some sort.

Types of Memory RAM/ROM

ROM is a memory that cant be changed by a user or a program. ROM keeps its memory even if the computer has been turned off. RAM is a fast temporary memory in which programs data and applications are stored.

CD Drive

A CD drive a device that the computer uses to read data encoded on a compact disk. Software is installed within the computer by a disk which is placed inside the CD drive to transfer to the computer but now most things are done over the internet.