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Dear Insurance Professional,

Having worked in the LTC insurance industry for years I have made it a point to seek out the best LTC insurance sales and marketing resources available so that I can make sure I provide you with the best service possible.

I would like to share with you two resources that I believe can take your LTC insurance sales to the next level! The LTC Boot Camp will teach you HOW to sell LTC insurance and the LTC Inner Circle will give you the tools and resources to keep selling LTC insurance!

Larry Whiteside
Mass Mutual

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Want to learn HOW to SELL LTC Insurance?

The LTC Boot Camp was developed by Catherine Dove and Betty Doll, who have been involved in the sales and marketing of LTC insurance for a combined 35 years!

They have put together a virtual 4 week LTC Boot Camp that teaches you the nitty gritty of selling LTC Insurance. You can work at your own pace and you have access to online, live coaching. Betty currently sells LTC insurance, recently spoke on LTC planning for MDRT and is an instructor for the The Corporation for LTC Certification.

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Disclaimer: Enrollment for the LTC Boot Camp fills up fast so depending on when you view this it may be closed.

"I learned a lot of new ways to sell LTC insurance!"

“Thanks for putting this together. I learned a lot of new ways to sell LTC insurance and confirmed things I already knew. The online coaching and interaction with the other recruits was invaluable. The “Debrief” calls helped clarify the questions I had. I am going to go through all the lessons again after I have implemented what I learned.”
Robert Clark
Carlsbad, California
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Master the Sales and Marketing of LTC Insurance

It has never been easier to save time and make more money selling LTC insurance. Members of the LTC Inner Circle have access to the tools, training, and resources needed to sell LTC insurance. Network with LTC insurance coaches and experts willing to help you sell more LTC insurance. Access LTC Quote and Underwriting engines.

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